Saryu Fensin

Staff scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Saryu Fensin

Staff scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Saryu Fensin currently works at the Materials Science and Technology Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory. Saryu does research in Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science and Computational Physics. Their most recent publication is ‘Structure/property (constitutive and spallation response) of additively manufactured 316L stainless steel.

The Role of Interfaces in Nucleation of Dynamic Damage in FCC and BCC Materials

sFor ductile metals, the process of dynamic fracture occurs through nucleation, growth and coalescence of voids. For high purity single-phase metals, it has been observed by numerous investigators that voids tend to heterogeneously nucleate at grain boundaries and all grain boundaries are not equally susceptible to void nucleation. Several factors can affect the failure stress of a grain boundary, such as grain boundary structure, energy and excess volume, in addition to its interactions with dislocations. Flyer plate simulations were carried out for four boundary types with different energies and excess volumes in both materials. These boundaries were chosen as model systems to represent various boundaries observed in “real” materials. In this work, we will compare the mechanisms behind void nucleation in FCC (Cu) and BCC (Ta) materials by using molecular-dynamics simulations. We will also explore the influence of grain boundary energy, excess volume and plasticity at the boundary on the failure stress of a grain boundary.

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Keynote Talk III

20 Jul 2018
11:00 -12:00
Burgiss Theatre