Keynote Speakers 2015

Qiaolin Deng

Merck Pharmaceuticals

Title: Molecular Modeling and Rational Drug Design

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Niri Govind

Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL)

Title: Valence and Core-Level Excited State Studies of Molecular Complexes and Materials

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Elena Jakubikova

North Carolina State University

Title: Toward Computational Design of Iron-Based Chromophores for Solar Energy Conversion

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Daniel Lambrecht

University of Pittsburgh

Title: Efficient Electronic Structure Approaches for Organic & Nano Materials

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Joan-Emma Shea

University of California at Santa Barbara

Title: Effect of surfaces in modulating protein folding and aggregation mechanisms

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Greg Tschumper

University of Mississippi

Title: Getting Down to the Fundamentals of Hydrogen Bonding with Convergent Quantum Chemistry

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