Abstract, promotional talk, and poster guidelines

MERCURY Conference poster sessions are an opportunity for undergraduate students to present and discuss their work. Students must submit abstracts by July 10. Abstracts will be published in an online booklet that will be available to all conference attendants. Poster presenters will give a brief oral presentation of their work during the meeting. Below you see guidelines for the abstract, promotional talk, and poster.

Abstract Guidelines

  • All abstracts should be submitted in PDF format.
  • All abstracts must be no larger than one 8.5 by 11 inch page.
  • Please center title, authors, and affiliation. The presenting author must be underlined.
  • Figures and graphs must be embedded in the document.
  • The file name should have the format of Lastname_Firstname.pdf with the name being that of the first presenting author.
  • Abstracts should be attached and submitted via email to abstracts@mercuryconsortium.org with the subject “Abstract” (without quotes). Be sure the file attached has the name Lastname_Firstname.pdf with the name being that of the first presenting author.
  • You should get a confirmation via email asking you to verify that you used the correct subject line. If not, please try sending it again.
  • Submission deadline: July 10

Promotional Talk Guidelines

  • The presentation should be 1 minute long and should give an overview of your poster.
  • The abstract from the conference booklet will be projected on a screen during your presentation unless you provide an alternative graphical abstract to be used in standard page orientation.
  • You can provide a one-page standard page orientation graphical abstract. The file should be in the format Lastname_FirstName of the first presenting author and sent to abstracts@mercuryconsortium.org with the subject line “Graphical Abstract” without quotes by July 10. You can see sample graphical abstract here.

Poster Guidelines

The posters may be no larger than 3′ by 4′ or 4′ by 3′. We will provide a poster stand on which you can affix the posters. Take a look at posters from previous years for ideas on format.